Hire A Home Inspector – Don’t Get Burned

Buying a Home– Do I Really Need a Home Inspection?

You have been thinking about Buying a Home for quite some time but just have not gotten around to it because you were not sure if you wanted to be tied down to one place. Well, the time has come and now you are sure so you begin with your research and contact a local Realtor. You sit down with your Realtor and go over your needs, wants and your overall goals. Together you come up with a plan and figure out what neighborhoods you would like to live in and what type of home you would like.

After finding several homes that you absolutely love, putting offers in and getting beat out by offers, you finally get your offer accepted on the ideal home in the desired neighborhood, close to everything your love. You are excited and thrilled. Now before moving in there are lots of things that you must do.

First, it is important to hire a great home inspector. Homes are not like buying a microwave. You can’t just return it for an even exchange. Buying a Home is a huge investment and should do your homework before finalizing the commitment that you are getting ready to make.

If you don’t know of any home inspectors, you should ask your Realtor for a few referrals. A good Realtor will know several and be able to refer you to a few. A Home inspection will consist of a general visual inspection of the roof, foundation, plumbing, HVAC system and electrical and will typically cost anywhere from $350.00-$550.00, depending on the size of the home. They will be able to tell you if any of these items needs further attention and if you should get further specialized inspections by the foundation expert, plumber expert, HVAC expert and/or the roofing expert to evaluate.


Can A Home Inspection Save You Money?

There will be times that a seller will put their home on the market and they will have done a pre-home inspection and have disclosed the reports on the MLS for all to see. The inspections may show plumbing issues, foundation issues, roof issues or more. By seeing this up front you the buyer are aware and will know what you are putting an offer on and what to expect. However, most times this is not the case. It is not until after you have fallen in love with the home and put an offer in do you find out all of the quirks and issues that the home has based on the home inspectors findings. By doing your due diligence you are in a better-negotiating position. You can ask that the sellers either repair some of these issues prior to closing or give a credit to you the buyer to help cover the cost for completing the repairs. Another thing that your Realtor may be able to negotiate is to have the sales price lowered instead of completing the repairs.

Most importantly by having a home inspection done by an experienced home inspector, you will have peace of mind knowing that what you are buying is safe for you and your family.

Here is an idea of what repairs can cost:

Roof- We are pretty fortunate that it does not rain much is Sunny San Diego so a roof will last a little longer here. With this being said it is a very common issue that comes up in the general home inspections and should be addressed sooner than later. Repairs can run from $350.00-$1,200. which is not too bad but if you have to replace it, this can run anywhere from $2,500.00-$7,000.00.

Foundation- Here in the metro area of San Diego, most of our homes are early 1900 Craftsman Bungalow Homes as well as Spanish Style homes. They typically have crawl spaces where the inspector will crawl under and take a look to see what is going on with the bones of the home. The homes have post and piers with a cement perimeter. Most homes have not been completely upgraded and we find that the minimum cost can range from $1,500-$10,000.

Plumbing-The inspector will check for stains on the walls and around the shower, noisy pipes and leaks. Leaks can cause major headaches so catching these are imperative. Plumbing repairs can be anywhere from $300.00 -$4,200.00.

Electrical-The home inspector should check for GCFI outlets, electric outlets, circuit breakers and in some cases, homes in this area still have knob and tube. Although we have been told be many electricians that knob and tube wiring is not dangerous unless you have insulation or anything laying on top of it, it will be difficult to get insurance if there is still this type of wiring in the house. This can cost anywhere from $3,000-$6,000 to replace with new wiring. 

Steps To Take To Save Money Using a Home Inspection

It is important that you attend the home inspection. I know that you will think that you will be bored but this is a crucial step as you will be able to ask the home inspector questions and he or she will be able to answer them quickly and precise. If you don’t go in person and you just wait to receive the inspection via email, you will be terrified, as it all looks very scary on paper. Being at the inspection in person is very important and how the inspector delivers his findings and recommendations are always much easier to understand in a conversation.

Hire a Qualified Home Inspector

The American Society of Home Inspectors is a great place to find a qualified home inspector in San Diego.

If you have any questions regarding the home buying process and are looking for a Real Estate Buyer Specialist, please contact the McT Real Estate Group. We would be happy to help you with the purchase of your new home.

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