South Park Homes for Sale

Homes For Sale In South Park

South Park Community and Homes for Sale

The South Park Community is one of San Diego's most charming neighborhoods that is walkable and full of life. There are many small businesses iincluding ice cream shops, restaurants, gift shops, hair salons, boutique stores and many more. It's a very diverse neighborhood and most homes are single family homes, with a few multi-unit homes that tend to be Craftsman or Spanish Colonial Revival style.

South Park shares two zipcodes. 92104 which is North Park's zipcode and starts at the north part of South Park (North side of Juniper Street). On the South part (South side of Juniper Street), the zip code is 92102, which is also Golden Hill's zipcode.

Walkabouts are done quarterly in the community which is great for all of it's businesses. Most of the shops are open late and there is usually free music and a free trolly that carries people from Juniper to Beech St. People get to know the neighborhood and the community also gets to benefit from the income that it produces.

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