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Privacy Policy

Thank you for visiting our Privacy Policy page! At the McT Real Estate Group we value your privacy and want to assure you that we take measures to protect your personal information. This policy outlines how we handle your data, whether it's online or offline, and during your interactions with our website.

To provide you with the service and address any inquiries or requests you may have, we collect certain personal information such as your name, email address, residential or business address, and phone number. Rest assured that we treat your identity with respect.

We are committed to not sharing your information with any parties unless we have obtained your consent. The only exceptions are when it is necessary to fulfill your requests, respond to mortgage-related inquiries, comply with obligations, or engage third-party providers for the provision of services.

When you browse our website, certain details are automatically. Stored;

General log information, including internet domain, IP address, operating system details,
browser type used by visitors
Access dates and times of visits
Pages visited on our site

We also gather statistical information from links or ad banners connecting to or from our site. This includes aggregated data such as click-through rates as specific data like repeat visits,
interactions with ads or banners
transaction details
and the source from which you accessed our site.
We do not use this data to identify you. Instead, we utilize this information to enhance our website, ensuring it meets the standards and provides a user-friendly experience. Our analysis of site usage helps us understand visitor preferences and identify any performance issues.

On our website and associated links, we offer the option for you to get in touch with us via email. The information you provide will be solely used to address your concerns, fulfill your requests, for information or services, or deliver the services that you have expressed interest in. If you choose to share your phone number please note that by doing you give us consent to contact you even if your number is registered on any "Do Not Call" list.

We highly value your privacy. Have a policy against selling or renting your personal information to third parties for marketing purposes. You may receive marketing materials related to the McT Real Estate Group services or those of our partners under the following conditions;

For new visitors, we operate on an opt-in policy, meaning we will only send you material related to the specific services or information that you have signed up for.
For existing or past clients, we follow an opt-out approach. We assume that you are interested in our services unless otherwise specified.
You have control over these preferences. Can modify them or unsubscribe from any campaign at any time using the link provided in our email correspondence.

We prioritize the security of our website and services. Our systems employ software to oversee network traffic, preventing any alterations or misuse of information. Any such attempts will be thorough. May lead to consequences.

We appreciate your trust in the McT Real Estate Group when it comes to safeguarding your information. Our utmost dedication lies in ensuring your privacy and providing you with an experience.

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