Certified Distressed Property Expert

Certified Distressed Property Expert

Written by Noel Padilla

Before we can define what a Certified Distressed Property Expert is, we need to define what a distressed property is. A property can become distressed for a variety of reasons but the most common is a foreclosure. Any situation that has caused a property owner to have difficulty making mortgage payments or even selling the property is said to be in a distressed state. Basically any property which has foreclosure looming.

Now that we have defined a distressed property, what is a Certified Distressed Property Expert (CDPE)? This is not only a designation earned by a licensed Realtor but it is also an acronym that signals to the public that the person displaying it has gone through extensive training to successfully mitigate a foreclosure. This can be done by negotiating mortgage terms, helping to negotiate a refinance or the most likely-help sell the property.

Sometimes these properties have lost significant value either by physical damage, changes in the zoning, lack of curb appeal or host of other factors one of which occurring today is market conditions. If the value of the property drops below what one could sell the property for then the property is said to be short and any sale would be considered a "Short Sale", which has become very common lately. Negotiating a short sale is where a CDPE really shines.

These transactions are extensively time consuming and tedious. They require diligent follow-up, tons of paperwork and detailed analysis. Not to mention all the work that goes into drafting market reports and gathering all the information to convince the bank to accept a sales amount that will net them less. Not an easy task. Some of these sales can take anywhere from 6 to 12 months to close.

All this is done in addition to the normal marketing efforts required to sell the property. You can see why less than 1% of Realtors nationwide have the training and knowledge to successfully negotiate a short sale. I am one of those in the less than 1% that has dedicated my time, effort and finances to educate myself in this sector of the market.

In March of 2008 50% of all homes sold were in some sort of distressed state.......Half! If you have a distressed property you can't chance your home sale on someone who doesn't have the tools to get things done. This market is going to be here for sometime. Experts predict 2 to 3 years, I predict closer to 10 years which began in 2006 so we are 2 years in to the 10 year cycle.

Buyers are not immune to the phenomenon. They are getting great deals on these distressed properties but guess what, if they are dealing with someone who doesn't know the mechanics of a short sale, the deal will fall apart after waiting months. It is equally important to buyers and sellers of distressed property to use a person who can get these transactions to the closing table.

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