Great New Homeowner App Available from the City of San Diego!

The recently implemented Get It Done app and web portal is an awesome new way for San Diego homeowners to report nonemergency problems and request improvements in their neighborhoods! The app will improve the efficiency of the city government in addressing residents’ issues. City crews will be notified far more quickly of the issue by having a customer service management system that can immediately upload all the necessary information. The app will also allow users to check the status on projects currently be worked on. Residents will be able to track the progress in real time!  The Get it Done app and web portal will be the means to contact the city about over 20 nonemergency problems, including traffic signals, roads and sidewalks, traffic lights, litter, and more.

The Get It Done app is incredibly easy to use, making it a more convenient method for San Diegans to contact the city than the previous means of having to call various city departments. iPhone and Android users can download the app on their phones! It can also be accessed online at For reporting an issue, users will simply upload a photo and then add a few details about the problem before clicking submit. The app uses GPS information embedded in the photo to update the location and address of the problem for city crews. These issues can be submitted anonymously if preferred. The additional ability to track progress on the app truly makes it a benefit for all residents as we want our beloved city to always look its best!

With a more efficient and accessible city government for its population, San Diego continues to be a perfect place to call home. There are so many incredible neighborhoods throughout the metropolitan area that all feature unique amenities. If you are interested in calling San Diego home, check out our great current listings in North Park, South Park, Normal Heights and University Heights. We want to make your dream home a reality! Give the McT Real Estate Group a call today or visit our website.

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