3327 Vancouver Ave – Coming Soon!

3327 Vancouver Ave is a North Park Home for sale that will be coming on the market very soon . It is a 1957 home with Art Deco features. We are getting it ready to hit the public market by giving it a fresh coat of paint inside and out, restoring the beautiful wood floors and we will freshen up the front landscape with a few drought tolerant plants and DG (decomposed granite). San Diego has a drought going on, so we want to do our part by eliminating as much grass as possible.

The home has huge possibilities for the next owner as it sits on a 7000 square foot lot so there is definitely room to build on to it. There is also a converted detached garage which features a one bedroom studio, bathroom, and kitchen. This was converted many years ago and has been used for the family (built without permits).

Here you can see a photo of the front of the home before with touched it and one of half way through. Once completed I will post the final photos before it goes on the market.

If you know of anyone that is looking to buy a home in North Park and you think may love this home, please have them contact us for more information.

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